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Asteroid mass of 25 million tonnes could collapse at our planet in 2036. Scientists have developed a program to build bases on the Moon.

Moscow, February 2. In 2029 in the vicinity of our planet will rush a giant asteroid. For several years, leading scientists around the world investigating its trajectory, the impact on our planet and the possible consequences of finding new solutions to prevent a possible catastrophe.
NASA researchers physics professor Gregory Metlof told Science Daily , that "the encounter with the object of such size that moves at a speed of about 50,000 kilometers per hour - it's a disaster. In his opinion, necessary or destroy the object or change its trajectory. "
Managing such an object - the only right decision in this case, said the professor, who has the best data and technology in this field. The researchers believe that the attempt to destroy the object of such a mass would lead to an even greater problem - the Earth can envelop the radioactive field generated by the explosion products.
In the classification of NASA's Near Earth Objects are comets and asteroids that are in relative proximity to Earth. Impact on their orbit has a gravitational attraction of nearby planets. An asteroid or minor planet, named Apophis (Apophis) in honor of the ancient Egyptian god of darkness and emptiness.
By tradition, the small planet called names such as Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods. There is a version, and that scientists discovered the asteroid, named him after a character from the TV series "Stargate". Size of space rock is about 270 meters in diameter, and weight - at least 25 million tons. According to the calculations, it must twice pass close to Earth at a distance of less than 40 thousand kilometers.
The asteroid Apophis was discovered in 2004. The researchers repeatedly changed the degree of probability that a collision between Earth and an asteroid will occur. However, there remains the possibility that in 2029, during close passage near the planet, Apophis will pass along a trajectory that will set the conditions for the effects in 2036.
The trajectory of the asteroid Apophis in relation to our planet
Passage of Apophis to Earth orbit
Calculate the force of impact from the passage of the asteroid at a distance - not an easy task. For this purpose, data from different points of the planet. Then calculated the moment of closest approach time for an asteroid with Earth.
Such a method has been calculated the exact date of the passage of Apophis in the near to the planet at the point - April 13, 2029. It can change its trajectory so that seven years later, in 2036, he still faces the Earth. If this happens, the impact force of 68,000 times the power of the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.
The development of Professor Gregory Metlofa is that the asteroid should be dismissed from the course by heating the surface to create a jet stream, which will change its trajectory. Will be used for heating, including solar energy, guided by an asteroid with a special installation - it is already under development by scientists at NASA.
In the Russian space center Khrunichev developed a program of the Moon, reports MIGnews . It covers the period from 2025 to 2037: during these 12 years, plans to build an orbiting space station in lunar orbit, and subsequently - the construction of a permanent base on the lunar surface. To create a permanent base is the use of the resources of the moon on an industrial scale.

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