Saturday, October 23, 2010

Found on the Moon Silver

Poets and singers were not so wrong, calling the silver moon.Scientists made the discovery that the satellite of the Earth does have a reservoir of metal, says Telegraph.
Scientists have made a startling discovery after firing a missile into the crater of the moon in order to ascertain whether there is water in it.
They found water, but at the same time, and other elements, among which were silver.
However, silver is so small that the open lunar mine makes no sense, according to NASA.

3.07.2010 | 16:05
In Georgia, the cat gave birth to a puppy (PHOTOS)

In the plot, as shown by Georgian television channels, the puppy looks healthy and eats the cat's milk. The cat looks a bit like a puppy ears and tail, and the rest of the newborn - a dog.

Georgian zoologists still find it difficult to name the reasons for the anomaly. Experts do not exclude the effects of radiation, or contact the cat and dog, although both of those options they look shaky.

В Грузии кошка родила щенка (ФОТО)

Another moon illusion

Юджин Сернан со странным отражением в стекле шлема.
Eugene Cernan with a strange reflection in the glass of the helmet.

NASA, for some reason hides the true color of our neighbor 

No, It's not silver
What color is the moon? Stupid question, it would seem. There she is - is visible in the sky. Silver. Mostly gray. But this - from a distance. From this distance, from what we're looking at the moon from the earth, any celestial body, devoid of vegetation, air and water, will be silver, reflecting the sunlight. Other business - our planet. It was reflected white clouds and blue oceans.
If you look at the photos that nasnimali, being on the moon, U.S. astronauts, and then close it either white or grayish-silver in the sun. And in the shadows - the dark. In short, black and white. As in the old cinema.
- It is strange that the photographs the moon completely devoid of color. Can not be that the local soil was everywhere the same gray - perplexed known researcher of anomalous phenomena, Joseph Skipper. And NASA suspects a trick, which a mysterious reason, has lasted for many years. The catch is, according to the Skipper, in that all lunar photographs posted on the official websites for free access, are processed. From all what for the real color of objects etched on the surface of the moon.
Помимо коричневой почвы, там еще виден какой-то гномик. Но скорее всего, это Шмит, а не какой-нибудь инопланетянин. Просто исказился, словно в кривом зеркале.
In addition to the brown soil, there's still seen a dwarf. But most likely it Schmit, and not some alien. Just distorted, as if in a distorting mirror.
Recently, researchers have found a picture, which confirmed his conspiracy hypothesis. NASA site, he is at (
This photo shows Eugene Cernan - Commander of the crew of Apollo 17, who visited the Moon in December 1972. Landed with the lunar module pilot Harrison Schmitt.
Cernan establishes an American flag and pictures of himself holding the camera at arm's length. Schmidt walking around the lunar module, which is before Sernanom.
And the flag, and an astronaut suit were bright and colorful. A lunar surface - a black and white. As usual.
But attention! Take a look at the glass helmet. It also reflected the lunar module and a surface on which he stands.
Снимок с борта «Аполлона-10»: восход голубой Земли над коричневой Луной.
Snapshot from the board of the Apollo-10 ": blue Earth rising over the brown moon.
The surface is brown. And this is the real color of the moon.
- I do not know why NASA bleach pictures - said Joseph Skipper. - Probably something to hide. After all, as a rule, removing the natural color of the object, mask the structure. A structure, in turn, can give some details that should not fall into the field of view of outsiders.
According to researchers, part of the picture with the flag is simply not processed due to an oversight.And the trick was discovered.
TRUE guys with "Apollo 10"
To judge the "correct" color the whole of the moon to only one reflection in the glass of the helmet it would be rash. Not only is there a brown affected. But there are other "clues". The most important - is evidence of the crew of Apollo 10. " Then, in May 1969, the lunar module pilot was the same Eugene Cernan, the commander - Thomas Stafford, command module pilot - John Young. The astronauts chose a landing site for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who had first set foot on the Moon after just a couple of months.
Cernan and Stafford undocked from the command module and close to the surface for 100 meters. Reviewed its color in detail. What amounted to a detailed report. And take pictures.
The report of the crew of Apollo 10 ", pardon the pun, black and white, that the moon is the place that is light brown, then reddish-brown, the color of dark chocolate. But not gray.
На этом снимке Луна вообще зеленая...
In this photograph the moon at all green ...
And some photos taken from aboard Apollo 10, it is generally green with bright red highlights.
Strange, but the photo Cernan, Stafford and Young were the last in which the moon was the color.Further, since the first landing of Americans, she was black and white.
By the way, something amazing in color and found the astronauts of Apollo 17 "right next to the landing site. About this there is even a detailed video (see website, the very discovery Americans do not show. But clearly audible enthusiastic and many times repeated cries of: "I can not believe ... It's unbelievable ... It is an orange ... If there's something rusted. This is the soils, which the astronauts are trying to collect in the bag. Perhaps she was brought to Earth. But what is the deal, no one has not yet been reported.
Some secret there is
Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who is friends with Stafford, about the color of the moon explained: it was in the film, which was removed, and surface reflectivity.
- Each person perceives his color, - said Alexei Arkhipovich. - One seems browned, another - a different shade. A picture - this is an artificially invented layers. Any film - the three colors.And the combination of three colors. The result depends on processing. Depends on the angle of light flux. One provision of the light flux - one color. The sun is rising - a different color. The same color surface may reflect a function of angle different wavelengths. And this is - a different color.
Alexei Arkhipovich believe. But still do not understand: first moon reflects so that was brown, and then began to reflect, so that was a black and white to color film.
There is a secret.