Thursday, October 7, 2010

China has solved the problem of traffic jams

В Китае решили проблему пробок. Видео

In China, plan to once and forever to say goodbye to traffic jams by creating special buses 3D Express Coach («Three-dimensional high-speed buses") that will allow cars pass right through them.

Engineering Firm Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment requested the bus of the future project, which will relieve the highways and save energy resources. The essence of the new development is that the cars up to two meters will be able to pass straight through the bus, under the passenger cabin at the top level without delaying traffic.Designers say that the invention will reduce traffic jams and congestion at least 30%. The bus will run on electricity and solar energy, and can travel up to 60 kilometers per hour, carrying with around 1200-1400 passengers. Each intersection will be preceded by a warning - that drivers of cars that travel in the bus arch were prepared for an eventuality. Radar scanners inside the bus will also be prevented, giving the alarm driver of the car, when suddenly they came too close to the bus wheels. In 3D-bus provides an inflatable ladder, similar to what is in the passenger planes for emergencies. Experimental path for innovative bus will pass through the area Mentougou in Beijing, construction of the first 186-km road is expected to begin later this year. The project will cost $ 73 million.

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