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In the "nest of fire eagle" is a huge egg

Under Patomskiy crater at a depth of 100 meters, scientists have discovered a strange three-dimensional object[video + photos]

Andrew MOISEENKO, Photo of the author. - 26/02/2009

Last summer ended with another expedition "Komsomolskaya Pravda" on Patom crater. The first, very preliminary results were published immediately after its completion (see "KP" on 19.7.2008), and finally some scientists have processed all the data obtained. The conclusion was overwhelming.

For scientists, it Patom crater, and local Yakut prefer to call an anomaly, "a fiery eagle nest."

В центре кратера уже третий раз было водружено знамя «КП».
In the center of the crater is the third time was hoisted the banner of "KP".

At Patom Highlands, on the border of the Irkutsk Region and Yakutia, about 200 miles from civilization (the center of gold mining district of the city Bodaybo) over a bright green mountain dark taiga forest stands with flat, as if a knife cut off the top. It dominates the local landscape and attracts the eye from any point, as the pyramid of Cheops. To "build" the mountain of scientists' calculations, took no less than half a million tons of stones!Like nowhere else in the world no.

- The summer of 1949 I researched Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region to produce the Geological map of the USSR - says the discoverer Patomskiy crater geologist, Vadim Kolpakov. - When I first saw the crater, thought it was a mirage. From a distance it resembled a giant shahtovy slagheap. But where are the miners? The same blank area of taiga. Second thought - an archaeological artifact. But the local Evenki and Yakut, with my respect for them - not the ancient Egyptians.

The dimensions of the crater is truly impressive. Height - 70 meters (as a 20-storey building. - Ed.), And the outer diameter - about 180 meters (well, just as the stadium "Luzhniki". - Ed.).And in recognition of the geologist, when in the 70 years he has seen pictures from the lunar surface, then Patom crater seemed very similar to lunar craters.

Incidentally, this anomaly is only for scientists Patom crater, and local Yakut prefer to call this place "fire eagle nest." Why do so - It is not known ...

В этот раз ученые привезли оборудования общим весом более центнера.
At this time, scientists have brought equipment weighing more than quintal.

Last time found a magnetic anomaly

Komsomolskaya Pravda, together with scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences is not the first year has been studying the unique crater. To reach a final conclusion about how and when it was formed and failed, although version offers a lot. I recall that on an expedition in 2006, scientists under him, at a depth of 100 - 150 meters, discovered the magnetic anomaly.And so strong that the instrument felt the change in the magnetic field in a territory twice the size of the crater. Does it kind of object, consisting of iron, other ferromagnetic? Or something else? Then could not be determined. It became the task of the current expedition.

There really is something there!

Earlier in our expeditions, we only invite the representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At this time we have gone further, and representatives of private companies - JSC "Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company (IERP), which is headed by Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Alexander Pospeev. The company offers geophysical subsurface - a treasure search, even mineral deposits. Now it is one of the leading organizations in Russia in this field.

Privateers, we decided to draw for two reasons. Firstly, this is the time that commercial firms have a more modern and unique equipment than the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences. And secondly, ZAO IERP "- a respected company in the market. And she has no reason to get involved in any fraud, risking his good name. It turns out that under the crater, there's nothing - so to say. If there is, too, will not come up with anything extra. No fantasies about "flying saucers", machine time, or alien bases.

На кратере работали представители шести институтов РАН и одной коммерческой компании.
The Crater worked from six institutions of RAS and one commercial company.

- On the four sides of the crater at a certain distance, we measure the various components of electric and magnetic fields - explains Alexander Pospeev. - Registering the currents of different frequencies, one can trace the electrical conductivity of rocks at different depths.

In practice, it looked like this: a few days, three men in heavy burelomnom forest ran up and down the hills with the apparatus of fifty pounds. Activity in the pouring rain is not too exciting. On the other hand, it has proved extremely productive.

Alexander Pospeev:

- Now I'm one hundred per cent I can say that under the crater, we identified a three-dimensional object with high conductivity. Is shaped like an ellipsoid or cylinder, the tip of which lies at a depth of approximately 100 meters. Down it goes to 600 - 700 meters. But, judging from the results, it is not made of iron, not from any other metal known to mankind.But the fact that there is something - a fact!

It converges with the experimental results, which for the KP did physical and mathematical sciences, head of the laboratory wave dynamics of the Institute for Problems in Mechanics Igor Simonov.

- We created a model based on two assumptions - explains Igor V.. - There was an attack on a hill high density and strong body, a cylindrical shape. At a certain depth, our object is stopped before reaching the underground cavity filled with gas under high pressure - the existence of such lenses is known to geologists. Gas as the piston is slowly pushed to grind our target rock to the surface.

- Mathematical model and calculations showed the reality of our assumptions - continued the scientist. - A set of laboratory experiment, where instead of the limestone rocks of the crater Patomskiy used river sand and granite chips. In both cases, the shape and size of the craters obtained almost perfectly match the proportions of a natural crater.

Посильную помощь специалистам оказывал и спецкор «КП» Андрей Моисеенко.
Specialists provide all possible assistance and special correspondent "KP" Andrey Moiseenko.

From a stranger?

So what is it? Someone from outer space hit the Earth? Is a giant spaceship out of some alien-duty alloys, the existence of which scientists have long hinted at, even jokingly? Or half a kilometer meteorite strange shape is stuck in the bowels of the planet?

However, fans of the paranormal phenomena rubbing their hands early. Here's how electrical commented another member of our expedition - the Institute of Geosphere Dynamics, RAS, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Boris Blue:

- I have big doubts that we stumbled upon a cosmic artifact. Can explain the anomaly and the more mundane ways. For example, as suggested in ZAO IERP ", the object is formed by fluids - saline water with high electrical conductivity, which has risen from the bowels of the earth in some sort of a cavity under the crater. Another thing is that this cavity could be formed as a result of the impact of entering into the bowels of an extraterrestrial body at high speed crashed into the ground.By the way, then freezing, then melting, the water could push to the surface of a pile of stones, which formed Patom crater. There is another reasonable option. For example, the rise of saline water from deep under the effect of changing the hydrothermal conditions - in other words, something happened in the bowels of the planet, and the water came up. But it is possible that both mechanisms work together.

"Underground" version offered and Geophysics of the Irkutsk State University. They studied the composition of air, soil and rocks at the crater and its surroundings. And found elevated levels of methane coming from the depths.

Now the data of the Irkutsk elektrorazvedchikov check their colleagues from Switzerland.Then the scientists will try together to reconstruct three-dimensional view "eggs", Hidden under Patomskiy crater.

But on this riddle "fire eagle slots" is not over ...

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  1. When I saw the pic, I wondered if it was a huge frost pingo. For a long time it was not understood how a frost pingo evolved and managed to grow.
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